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With the increasing popularity of attractive wheels and tires, powder coating has emerged as an economical solution that offers protection as well as enhanced aesthetics. It’s a simple process of coating the wheels and upgrading its appearance. Powder coating is an affordable solution to intensify the aesthetics of your vehicle. Rather than paying for new wheels when they start to look exhausted, resurface them by using the powder coating technique.

How Is Powder Coating Done?

Powder coating is done with the help of electrically charged particles by spraying it to the surface of the old wheel. The sprayed particles easily cover the surface of the wheel and result in a magnificent finish. This process gives you a beautiful surface that has a great finish and excellent looks.

Benefits of Powder Coating

Here are some of the primary reasons that will make you think again before replacing your new wheels and tires. Check all the benefits and make a decision.

Increases Durability

Powder coating is a way of creating a new layer of a spray coat to give new looks to your old wheel. Coated Wheels are baked at high heat to increase the life of powder coating. This process not only makes your rim last longer but it also adds to the durability of the wheel. Powder coating is something different from the traditional style of wheel painting and a lot more effective technique. So if you are choosing to powder coat your wheels, you are assured to get more durable wheels.

Better Coverage

Traditionally, wheels were painted with liquid paint which was not very precise. Powder coating has introduced us to a better way of coating the wheels with the help of electrostatic methods. This method allows us to get better coverage and finishing. Power coating easily reaches the areas where the liquid coating is very difficult to apply.

High level of Resistance

Powder coating the Wheels creates a non-porous shield on the surface of the wheel unlike traditional methods of coating the rims. This coating helps to increase the resistance of your wheels against such atmospheric conditions. Powder-coated wheels show better resistance against flaking, corrosion, or chipping.

Less Time-Consuming Procedure

The traditional way of liquid coatings the wheels is a time-consuming process. It takes hours to coat and dry the wheels with the painting method, unlike powder coating. Powder coating as made the drying and restoring process quick. Rather than requiring a few hours to have your Wheels prepared, you can have the powder coatings prepared in a few minutes. It is very quick as compared to the traditional ways of painting.


Powder coating is a money-saving technique of upgrading the looks of your vehicle. You get a major difference in the overall aesthetics of your vehicle by spending a reasonable amount on the powder coating process. The charges may vary from provider to provider but overall it is considered as an affordable option.


Powder coating is a great option to upgrade the looks vehicle and this option is worth investing. The results you get from powder coating are highly satisfactory and there isn’t any chance of regretting this decision. At Ice Creams Wheels and Tires, we have the most professional powder coating experts that completely transform your old wheels into attractive rims.

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