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Choosing a tire for your vehicle is not as tough as selecting a set of aftermarket wheels. The look isn’t the only thing that you have to consider while buying aftermarket wheels but there are many other things like wheel design, bolt pattern, backspacing, finish, offset etc. that matter a lot. So, in this article we will be listing the things that you should keep in mind in order to choose a right set of aftermarket wheels for your Car, SUV, Truck or any other vehicle.

Square and Staggered

Do you know the difference between a Square and Staggered fitment? In square fitment, the front and back wheels have the same width whereas in Staggered fitment, the back wheels are wider as compared to front wheels. You can skip this section if you drive a front-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle. Because staggered fitment wheels will not be good for your vehicle in that case. If you want an aggressive look for your vehicle and will not switch to snow tires then go for Staggered fitment wheels. You Car, SUV or Truck will look amazing with a Staggered wheels set. So, if you want high performance and great looks for your ride then go for Staggered fitment wheels else for Square.

Custom Wheels

On and Off Road

The next thing is the type of terrain you will be driving on with your aftermarket wheels. If you are going to drive off-road then you must choose the wheels that are best fit for that particular kind of terrain. You can try Fuel, XF and Moto Metals wheels for an amazing off-road driving experience. These wheels are engineered for high performance and durability.But if you are going to drive on the streets then you need lightweight and stylish wheels. You can opt for Asanti Black, KMC and Blade wheels in that case.

Wheels and Tires

Type of Finish

The finish of wheels is also very important when it comes to the look of your ride. You should understand the type of finished to know how the wheel is treated to achieve that finish. The most common type of finishes are Chrome, Machined and Powder Coated. Chrome is a mirror reflective and classic kind of wheel finishing. In this kind of finish the wheel is coated with copper, nickel and chromium to get a highly reflective appearance. Dry paint and heat technique is used to achieve Power Coated finish that resists rust, heat, chips and scratches. And in case of machined finish, a thin layer is shaved off from the wheel surface and then the wheel is coated with clear sealant in order to make it corrosion resistant.

Rims and Tires

Bolt Patterns, Offsets and Backspacing

The last thing is the kind of bolt pattern, offset and backspacing you need for your vehicle. Depending on the type of vehicle, you can decide on the type of bolt pattern you need. You can get a better understanding of bolt pattern, offset and backspacing by interacting with our expert team.

We hope these tips will make your choice easy. And you will finally buy a right set of aftermarket wheels for your ride. If you need any kind of assistance or help you can reach us @(480) 352-3786 or chat with us.

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