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Are you obsessed with those incredibly appealing tires that speak out your mind?

Yes! We are talking about those fancy tire lettering stickers, that are building new trends in the automobile industry.

What is Tire Lettering?

If in case you haven’t noticed it yet, they are the set of captions or words placed on the sidelines of your tire.

Why Choose Tire Lettering?

Custom tire lettering has attained tremendous popularity in a couple of years. Customizing a car or truck is a traditional American fashion, and there is no reason to underestimate your tires. Tires, undoubtedly play a very significant role in every journey. They cover a large part of your vehicle, and accessorizing them will surely improve your car’s road presence.

What are the Benefits of Tire lettering?


Tire stickers are made up of high quality cut out rubber stickers, and they are longer-lasting. They are more enduring than any other tire lettering method that is known. Tire lettering stickers are formed of raised rubber and which makes them last for miles without the sticker stamps deteriorating.

Improves Appearance

tire lettering

Tire stickers make a major difference in the outlook of your vehicle. They improve the appearance of the vehicle and make it look luxurious. Tire stickers will make your tires look exceptional.

Cost-Effective Makeover

Custom tire lettering is one of the most economical ways of improving the looks of the car or truck. This will be a major addition to the looks of your truck without making any huge difference to your savings. Although, different tire stickers have a different life span, and you can choose the one according to your individual preferences.


Tire stickers are very flexible and you can use them for different vehicles. From your Car, Truck, SUV to the bikes you ride, tire lettering can be added on any tires. You can make any vehicle look remarkable with the help of these wonderful rubber letterings.

Installation Process

Tire stickers are extremely easy to install and one of the most convenient ways of upgrading the looks of your vehicle. The mounting process is really simple and you can even do it yourself. However, hiring a professional is always a safer option. There is no chance of any mistake as the process is very clean and simple. However, you can choose from the various styles and make your tire sidelines look wonderful.

tire stickers

The huge popularity of Tire has been replaced by Tire Lettering which is a more preferred method for tire sidewall modification for many years. This discovery has discouraged the use of paint as well as stencils. Tire stickers made out of rubber emerged as a great replacement.

Permanent tire decals are long-lasting with excellent durability. We at Ice Creams Wheels and Tires, have professional tire lettering experts at your service and happy to hear your requirements.

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